UFC rules

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UFC rules

Postby San Soo Sifu » Fri Aug 15, 2008 3:07 pm

UFC rules

Here is a list of fouls in the UFC. These are the type of attacks that a good Kung-Fu San Soo student should be practicing with his workout partner (in a slow and careful manner, of course).

1. Butting with the head (headbutting).
2. Eye gouging of any kind.
3. Biting.
4. Hair pulling.
5. Fish hooking.
6. Groin attacks of any kind.
7. Putting a finger into any orifice, or into any cut, or laceration on an opponent.
8. Small joint manipulation.
9. Striking to the spine, or the back of the head.
10. Striking downward using the point of the elbow.
11. Throat strikes of any kind; including, without limitation, grabbing the trachea.
12. Clawing, pinching, or twisting the flesh.
13. Grabbing the clavicle.
14. Kicking the head of a grounded opponent.
15. Kneeing the head of a grounded opponent.
16. Stomping a grounded opponent.
17. Kicking to the kidney with the heel.
18. Spiking (pile driving) an opponent to the canvas on his head or neck.
19. Throwing an opponent out of the ring or fenced area.
20. Holding the shorts or gloves of an opponent.
21. Spitting at an opponent.
22. Engaging in an unsportsmanlike conduct that causes an injury to an opponent.
23. Holding the ropes or the fence.
24. Using abusive language in the ring or fenced area.
25. Attacking an opponent on or during the break.
26. Attacking an opponent who is under the care of the referee.
27. Attacking an opponent after the bell has sounded the end of the period of unarmed combat.
28. Flagrantly disregarding the instructions of the referee.
29. Timidity, including, without limitation, avoiding contact with an opponent, intentionally or consistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an injury.
30. Interference by the corner.
31. Throwing in the towel during competition.
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Re: Rules in a Real Fight

Postby Captain America » Fri May 29, 2015 12:14 pm


Rules in a Street Fight, Mugging, Home Invasion, Gang Initiation Hit, War, the Real World ...


The above 10 rules are the same that you are taught in Kung Fu San Soo (the "1.0" Version, that is...)

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Re: UFC rules

Postby bigpappa » Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:37 pm

I don't understand #24. Why are you allowed to beat them unconscious, but not use abusive language? You may do permanent damage or even potentially kill someone while on the octagon, but you aren't allowed to offend them or hurt their feelings?
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Re: UFC rules

Postby andeck » Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:45 pm

Captain, you forgot 2 other San Soo rules for street fights, and real world... as below.


also, I'm going to go with the following technique.

25, 2, 6, 9, 4, 11, 16, 14, 14, 14, 14, 14, 14...21 :D
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Re: UFC rules

Postby Ron G » Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:47 pm

Correct me if I am wrong but not only would UFC 8 be against the rules but it would seem that "small joint manipulation" would also be a sex crime. heh heh
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