My Credentials...

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My Credentials...

Postby San Soo Sifu » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:47 am

I could have posted here or in Law Enforcement and Military. I decided to post in this folder because there are not that many threads archived here. I know that for some, my verifiable credentials won't amount to a hill of beans. Oh well. This doesn't even begin to cover all of the real world experience I gained from various employment opportunities. However, since anecdotal evidence/experience is difficult to verify, I avoid such public proclamations. I think it would just make me look like either a braggart, a liar, or a douche bag.

Education, Specialized Training, and Professional Associations.

Riverside Community College -
(Riverside, California)
*A.S. Degree in Administration of Justice

Specialized Training:
Security -
*Guard Registration Card (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services)
*Tear Gas/OC Mace Certificate (Department of Justice)
*Side-Handle Baton Permit (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services)
*Straight Baton Permit (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services)
*Firearm Permit (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services)
(.38 - .357 - .40 - .45 - 9mm)
*Private Patrol Operator License (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services)
*Certificate of Qualification (Wells Fargo Guard Services)
*First Aid Certificate (American Red Cross)
*Adult CPR Certificate (American Red Cross)
*Infant & Child CPR Certificate (American Heart Association)
*Loss Prevention Agent Training
*Qualified Medical Transportation Certificate

Infant Abductions / Infant Kidnappings -
*"Safeguard Their Tomorrows: A Resource To Help Prevent Infant Abductions In Your Hospital" Conference (Program Sponsored by Mead Johnson Nutritionals. Location Hosted by UCLA Medical Center.)
*Preventing Abductions of Infants from Hospitals Workshop
*Developing Effective Security Plans in the Nursery and Maternity Departments Workshop
(Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations)
*Research Committee on Infant Abductions Seminar
(International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety)
*Growing Concerns Over Infant Kidnappings in Healthcare Facilities In-Service Roundtable
(Hospital Security and Safety Management)

Military -
*Armor Force Program of Excellence
*Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC)
*Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Weapons (NBC)
*M1911A1 .45 Caliber Pistol (Qualified "Expert")
*M92FS 9mm Pistol (Qualified "Expert")
*M16A2 (Qualified "Expert")
*M203 (Familiarization)
*M60 7.62x51mm (Familiarization)
*M72 LAW (Familiarization)
*Grenade Range (Qualified "Expert")
*Combat Lifesaver Course Certificate
*CS Tear Gas
*Pugil Stick Training
*Rifle-Bayonet Assault Course
*Hand to Hand Combat
*Sentry Elimination

National Safety Council -
*Defensive Driving Course (Certificate of Completion)

Martial Arts -
*Tonfa (Side-Handle Baton)
*Jo Stick (Straight Baton)
*Bo Stick (Staff)
*Knife Defense
*Knife Offense
*Weapons Disarmament
*Weapons Retention
*Hand to Hand Combat

Riverside County Sheriff's Academy of Justice &
Riverside County Sheriff's Training Center
*P.C. 832: Arrest, Search, and Seizure Certificate (Peace Officer Standards and Training)
*Powers of Arrest (Peace Officer Standards and Training)
*P.C. 832: Arrest and Firearms Certificate (Peace Officer Standards and Training)
*Firearms Familiarization and Safety (Peace Officer Standards and Training)
*Traffic Accident Investigation: Skidmark Analysis
*Gang Intelligence Networking & Institutional Safety Certificate
*Non-Lethal Chemical Agent Certificate (Peace Officer Standards and Training)
*Level II Reserve Officer Training, Module B Certificate (Peace Officer Standards and Training)
*Emergency Medical Services Education Certificate (Riverside County EMS Agency)
*Level 1 Reserve Officer Training, Module C Certificate (Peace Officer Standards and Training)

Police K-9 Academy -
*Police Service Dog (P.S.D.) Qualified K-9 Handler Certificate

National Crisis Prevention Institute -
*Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Program (Certified Instructor)

Professional Associations:
International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) -
*Basic Training Certification
*Supervisory Training Certificate
*Safety Training Certificate

Al Rubin Associates -
*Certified Instructor

International Kung Fu San Soo Association (IKFSSA) -
*Accredited School

National Teachers Association of Kung Fu San Soo (NTAKFSS) -
*Charter Life Member

Texas Kung Fu San Soo Association (TKFSSA) -

Extracurricular Activities:
Riverside Community College -
*Bronze Outstanding Achievement Award:
United Students of Martial Arts & Sciences
(Club Vice-President)
*Certificate of Appreciation:
Tutorial Services
(Administration of Justice Tutoring)
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"Holy Cow, Sifu!"

Postby Captain America » Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:27 pm

When I read that list of accomplishments... what pops into my mind is the old TV Batman series, the one with Adam West, and Robin saying... "Holy Cow, Batman!"

As the saying goes:

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