How and Why to sign up...

The Captain's recommendation on how to join T.T.& A.S.S.

How and Why to sign up...

Postby Captain America » Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:15 am

For Easier Use and Navigation of this Forum:

Many of the features of this forum can be best utilized when you are a member.

What I personally find very convenient when I go online to check up on the Forum, is that any new posts since my last visit are highlighted in red on the main page. If I’m away from home and check the forum and don’t want to log in on someone else’s computer, and only look at the Forum as a "guest," then I have to look at the dates on the main page to see if anything is new… no fun for me. This inconvenient, no fun method is what you face if you are not a member. The convenient red highlighted method is what you get as a Member of the Forum

Other reasons to sign up are the ease of navigation and the ability to utilize extra features available in the forum.


The American San Soo Forum is currently, and has been, the largest reservoir of knowledge and data on San Soo... be it History, Trivia, Lessons, Strategies and Tactics of Hand to Hand Combat, Philosophy and Practical Application of San Soo etc., etc., etc. You have no better resource available… There simply are no comparable San Soo Forums in existence. There is even more information here than in the very few books about San Soo that are currently on the market.

And without a doubt, on the pages of the AmericanSanSoo Forum, you will find both PASSION and COMMITMENT to Facts and Logic and Reason.

The A.S.S. Forum, while being head and shoulders above any competitive San Soo forum, presents voluminous writings on topics San Soo. And of course it only costs you time to take advantage of what there is to peruse, and think about, and question, and test… to make what you take away something that will be useful in your San Soo experience.

Back to the suggestion to sign up… If you’ve ever had a forum or have followed some of the San Soo forums, there has always been a recurring problem with Spam. This forum has pretty much gotten that under control except for the massive numbers of spammers who apply to join. Of course they have no interest in San Soo and their names never show up in the list of members, nor do they ever get a chance to post.

Spammers even forced a temporary closing down at least two of the other San Soo Forums for at least several weeks. That will not happen to this Forum.

The Captain has received some complaints from folks who legitimately want to sign up, but who have trouble getting Admin permissions to post. I have been able to facilitate most. But the following suggestions will make any future legitimate sign up attempts far, far easier.


So if you decide to sign up...

Send an email to and give me the screen name you want to use. Then register normally on the Forum by clicking the “Register” button near the top right of the main page of the Forum using that screen name. That way I will look for that screen name among the dozens of spammers who try to get their registrations accepted each and every day (I do not give spammers access) and give YOU access to this Great Forum. As I said earlier, I can keep spammers from posting, but I haven’t been able to grant legit sign ups easily utilizing the native forum process only. The procedure I just described will now facilitate a smooth and quick route for you to access the Forum.

Then you will be glad you did sign up, having much greater ease of navigating and utilizing what the forum was set up and designed to do.

Thank You, and Good Reading and Posting….

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