Frank Woolsey's Real Kung Fu - Technique Number 21

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Re: Frank Woolsey's Real Kung Fu - Technique Number 21

Postby Captain America » Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:58 am

Richard Knott wrote
Just wanted to share one of Woolsey's Techniques from his book (as written):

Move 1: Opponenent throws a left hand. With left foot forward, block with a left up windmill.

Move 2: Step in with right foot and strike with a right roundhouse elbow to opponent's left kidney.

Move 3: A right back elbow under opponent's heart.

Move 4: A left roundhouse to opponent's groin.

Move 5: A right 4-knuckle hammer to the back of opponent's neck.

Move 6: Reach through and grab opponent's right leg, lift it up and throw him on his back.

Move 7: A left foot kick to the groin.

Move 8: A right foot kick to the throat.

This is much like Ah-Soo 27 as you can see, although, with the emphasis on dropping your opponent by his right leg rather than his left. Good addition to anyone's arsenal.

Richard Knott
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Re: Frank Woolsey's Real Kung Fu - Technique Number 21

Postby Jasok » Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:19 pm

This technique is written word for word and step for step right out Frank Woolsey's "Red Book". It is 100% authentic and accurate.
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