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Postby Ron G » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:12 pm

Did not hear from Big Pappa, so it is now up to (first come) they are brand new just an error in spelling or the pen slipped when I was signing then, so the first $30 will take them, I will even pick up the shipping. Just clearing up loose ends, I may soon sell some of my personal weapons (not the ones I made for Jimmy those are gone), I may have a Butterfly (damaged) will let you know if and when I find them.

I will offer you a deal since you were the only one to respond, I sometimes make a mistake (heh heh), when I am signing books, I may misspell a word or maybe over scribble my name so I knock the price down. I have two, 1 history and myths of San Soo ($24,95), 1 Basic 45 ($19.95) plus tax and $6.00 shipping. They are unused/brand new, I would take $15 each plus $6.00 dollars shipping, total $36.00. This is our real history, if you don't want them it will become the first to respond. 4 is a break or elbow snap, I have a whole paragraph on how to do it violently.
Let me know either way. If you want a different one, let us know, even if you buy from Amazon it still comes through us.
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