The Ground Rules

If you don't like what's on TV, then turn it off...

The Ground Rules

Postby Captain America » Fri Jun 01, 2007 5:57 pm

This forum is designed for mature adults. Here will be topics, language and attitudes you may find interesting or boring, humorous or serious, sensitive or politically incorrect, valuable or full of flaws. You decide.

As a fairly well-known "superhero" I must make life and death decisions on a regular basis. As the Administrator of this Forum (definitely an easier job), I need only make decisions that are in the best interest of this Forum. Some of these decisions you may like... some you may not.

My fantasy is that posters will use reason and logic and common sense in presenting their points of view. I do not object to strong language used in conjunction with a reasonable, logical and common sense presentation. If strong language and sometimes heated opinions and dialog are offensive to you, then stay away.

Another pet peeve of this Forum's Administrator is people who do not have enough self-respect or respect for others so as to take the simple step of spell checking. Attempting to present yourself as credible while looking like an uneducated simpleton is annoying.

Even Captain America has and will make errors, but really, people, using Word's spell check, or any spell check program, is easy to do.

When you don't like what's on TV you can turn it off! So if you don't like what you find in this forum, no problem, just go elsewhere. If you like things nice-nice and sanitized all the time then don't let my shield whack your butt on your way out.

If you stick around, then you are very welcome here, enjoy your visits and have a good time.
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